Industrial Materials

Extensive varieties of materials for industrial applications

Materials such as Base Polyols, industrial grade Propylene Glycol (PG – IG), Dichloropropane (DCP) and Propylene Oxide (PO) can be used for variety of applications including foaming, cast elastomers for engineering applications, drilling fluids and so on.

For customized formulation requirements, please feel free to write to us.

Technical Specifications

Product Category Application Specifications
Empeyol SEP 101 Cast Elastomer Two component cast elastomer for rollers and engineering plastics Data Sheet
Flexibond 101 Adhesive Bonding system for flexible foam re-bonding Data Sheet
Grades – E400, E1000, E2000, E4000, E4022
Base Polyols Polyols of varying molecular weights for elastomer manufacture Data Sheet
Grades – F3000, F3002, F3502, F4002
Base Polyols Polyols of varying molecular weights for foam manufacture Data Sheet
Propylene Glycol – IG Chemical Intermediate Industrial grade solvent for paints and manufacture of unsaturated polyester resins Data Sheet
Dipropylene Glycol – Technical Grade Technical grade Solvent for additives industry Data Sheet
Polyols Grade 1 & Grade 2 Drilling fluids Oil drilling applications specific to customer cloud point requirements Data Sheet
Tripropylene Glycol (TPG) Crude Chemical Intermediate Industrial solvent applications Data Sheet
Dichloropropane (DCP) Chemical Intermediate Industrial solvent and chemical intermediate applications in paint and thinner industries Data Sheet
Propylene Oxide (PO) Chemical Intermediate Used in manufacture of polyols, pharmaceuticals, beverages Data Sheet

Grades – R444, R646, R848, R1400

Base Polyols Base Polyols used in manufacture of rigids Data Sheet