Furniture needs to look good, feel good and withstand everyday use.

MPL provides a range of products for manufacturing furniture that offer comfort and durability. MPL’s portfolio includes products for furniture ranging from seat cushions to arm rests, including eco-friendly variants using water blown and Methylal blowing agents.

For customized formulation requirements, please feel free to write to us.

Technical Specifications

Product Category Application Category
Empeyol WSF300/1-8 (HLD) Cold Cure Mold MDI compatible furniture cushion system Data Sheet
Empeyol  HSF300 /4 ( HD) Integral Skin Arm rest application with HCFC 141b blowing agent Data Sheet
Empeyol  MSF300/4 (LD) Integral Skin Eco-friendly arm rest application with Methylal blowing agent Data Sheet
Empeyol WSF 300/4P Integral Skin Eco-friendly water blown arm rest application Data Sheet
Empeyol  VE3780 – B Visco Elastic Foam Base polyol for memory foams application in furniture Data Sheet
Empeyol   VE3780 – F Visco Elastic Foam Formulated polyol for memory foams application in furniture Data Sheet
EMPOP 3542 Polymeric Polyol Polymeric polyol for cold cure mould applications in furniture Data Sheet