Notedome is a pioneer in the manufacture of high performance polyurethane cast elastomers since 1986 and has developed a strong reputation as one of the leading suppliers of these versatile systems. Supplied to nearly 45 countries Notedome’s durable elastomers perform in a wide variety of applications in many industries. Success comes from Notedome’s ability to fine-tune urethane chemistry to meet the specific requirements of customers. The combination of dedicated focus on cast urethane elastomers and the latest technology in production and laboratory equipment make Notedome a valuable partner for businesses.

On 30th September 2016, Notedome Limited, UK was acquired by Manali Petrochemicals Limited through AMCHEM Speciality Chemicals UK Limited, London, which is the Wholly Owned Subsidiary ( WOS ) of AMCHEM Speciality Chemicals Private Limited, Singapore, which is the WOS of Manali Petrochemcials Limited.

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