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Manali Petrochemicals Limited produces Propylene oxide, Propylene Glycol and Polyols, intermediates with applications across a spectrum of industries including those of Pharmaceuticals, Polyurethane, Resin, Fragrances, Food, Refrigeration, Oil Drilling and others.

We also manufacture other commodity and specialty products from the two facilities based at Manali, near Chennai, in the state of Tamil Nadu in India.

Manali Petrochemicals Limited product portfolio includes intermediates, commodity and specialty products with a range of applications.    


Intermediate in pharmaceutical formulations

  • Propylene glycol

Used in pharmaceutical formulations, unsaturated polyester resins, food flavor, fragrances .

MPL manufactures this product to IG / IP / USP / BP standards.

Polyurethane used in automobile seats, furniture, garments, mattresses.

Polyurethane for refrigeration, thermo-ware, industrial insulation.

Used in coatings, sealants, adhesives, and oil-field surfactants.


For industrial uses such as brake fluid, anti-freeze, polyester resins and carbonless paper, and in cosmetics including toilet soap, detergents, body spray, perfumes, and incense sticks.

Polyester resins and brake fluids, pour point depressants, drilling fluids, and surfactants.

Speciality Applications

Manali Petrochemicals Limited also manufactures a range of specialty, blending and ready-to-use products.

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